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A Workout That Doesn't Age

Few things never age. You definitely don't get tired of lively health, vibrant energy, a radiant appearance, and the strength to live life any way you choose. Regrettably, the body does grow old--but old does not have to imply weak and flabby. Margaret Richard's Entire Body Electric program provides you with stronger muscle tissue, denser bone fragments, better stability, improved energy, and a standard of living that is determined by the steps you can take rather than those you cannot.

Work with Margaret Richard, founder and web host of “Body Electric,” viewed nationally on PBS-TV. You will look much better, feel much better, and live better.

Body Electric can help you:
Increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility in three hours a week
Gain lean muscle mass and decrease unhealthy excess fat
Exercise in the comfort of your home
Prevent aches and injuries by working lightly on important joints and harder on muscle tissue

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At age 60, Margaret Richard personifies power with sophistication. No wonder her well-liked PBS show, "Body Electric,” continues to be a favorite with viewers after twenty-two years! Margaret knows that you want an exercise program that is convenient, inexpensive, effective and enjoyable. That is a tall order, but your Body Electric plan will provide it. Whether you're forty or eighty, the resistance workouts offered with this program work to combat many age-related problems, such as weakened muscle tissue, osteoporosis, and rigid joints that come with weight. With only one Body Electric thirty- to sixty-minute workout session three times a day, you will build up stronger muscle tissue, denser bone fragments, and a fitter body. You don't have to choose between firm arms or a tight rear end. You can have it all. Workout strength is tailored to your fitness level and not how old you are. The high-rep "strength with grace" strategy helps a person acquire toned muscle tissue without mass.

And it isn't just about exercise. Margaret Richard demonstrates how to overcome motivational challenges (including that age-old reason, “I don't have any time”), which means you never miss a good workout . She'll show how great it feels to change five lbs of body fat into five pounds of muscle mass, so you don't lose weight. She'll demonstrate how to take full advantage of your entire body and create the strength to enjoy life with vigor. No fitness center memberships. No costly workout gear. Just 3 hours a week, serious results, and the strong, sexy body you like.
Margaret Richard's Just My Greatest 1 & 2 and Margaret's brand new All My Best videos are characteristic of her preferred routines in the Body Electric DVD! You'll enjoy all the exercises, arrangements and dancers. The entire Body Electric is always unusually effective! I enjoy it and am satisfied with it. All My Best features tried and tested exercises! Doing the entire workout or separating it into two will not be a problem -  it will restore your power. Inspiration and regularity are really worth working towards; powerful muscles and bones are a fitting incentive. “Over time, our physique can encounter substantial changes - stronger muscle tissue, denser bone fragments, better stability and quicker metabolism.” - Margaret Richard

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