Ibanez Rg 270

A Great, Affordable Ibanez Guitar

Ibanez, one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world, chose 1987 as the year to launch their iconic Ibanez RG series. RG stands for ‘Roadstar Guitar’ and its name alludes to its popularity among hard-touring heavy rock bands of the last few decades. The Ibanez RG270 is a commonly found example of the Ibanez RG series and has a number of the signature characteristics this family of guitars is famous for.

The signature look of the Ibanez RG 270 stems from its famously thin neck. This makes it easy to wield on stage and is one of the many reasons why the RG270 is such a popular choice for touring guitarists. The neck is typically made of the highest quality mahogany which gives it a durable build and a great looking appearance. The thinness of the neck is well known amongst guitar players for facilitating very speedy fretwork which is useful when playing complex pieces with a lot of different notes.

Another famed feature of the RG270 is its Floyd Rose style tremolo bar. This allows the most experimental guitarists out there to get the widest range of innovative sounds possible from their guitar. This is the same type of tremolo bar used by iconic guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Darrel Abbott. It is famous for being durable as well as functional and this fits in with the overriding philosophy of the RG270.

One of the major pluses to owning an Ibanez RG270 is its famous versatility. As well as being the heavy metal guitar for choice, the RG270 is suitable for a wide variety of guitar-based musical genres including blues and the many varieties of rock music. Almost every fan of guitar music in the world will have at least one album in their collection that was recorded using an RG270, it really is that prevalent.

The price of the RG270 is one major reason why it is such a popular and widely found model of guitar. Unlike many other major guitar models from leading manufacturers, the RG270 can typically be obtained for under $500. This is an excellent price point for this model of guitar as few other guitars from manufacturers of Ibanez’s caliber are available at a similar cost. The RG270 is widely considered to be a top quality guitar for this price bracket with only a couple of flaws.

The relatively affordable cost of the RG270 means it does have a few minor downsides. Some guitarists have complained that the pickups emit a slight buzzing sound through some amplifiers. This is a rare issue however and even guitarists who report it still state their overall satisfaction with the Ibanez RG 270. It is a great model of guitar for the beginner to intermediate player. It is difficult to capture the essence of any guitar through mere words, but the RG270 is a durable and great-sounding choice for any rock-based musician. It has earned its reputation and the Roadstar label it carries over the many years it has spent on the road, entertaining crowds night after night.

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