Ibanez Rg 270 Dx

Reviewing A True Roadstar - The Ibanez Rg 270 Dx

Ibanez are respected in the world of guitars for producing a range of quality instruments that many of the finest musicians of all time are happy to lend their name to. One strength of Ibanez as a company is the ability to distinctly identify categories of guitar and then manufacture instruments that fit certain classifications. The RG series of guitars is Ibanez’s solution to the demand for a durable but high performing guitar which can survive the rigors of the road while looking great at the same time. The RG in its name stands for Roadstar Guitar and this appropriate title indicates the mixture of grit and glamour that goes into the Ibanez RG series. The Ibanez RG 270 DX is no exception.

The Ibanez RG 270 DX features many of the classic components that make the Ibanez Roadstar series so respected within the worldwide guitar community. One key component of the RG270 DX is its lightweight Wizard neck. This is one of the thinnest and lightest necks found on an electric guitar. The advantage of this particular sizing is that it allows the guitarist the greatest amount of fret board manipulation possible. This lends itself to intricate fret work such as that found in the greatest rock guitar solos of all time.

The RG 270 DX comes complete with Ibanez’s legendary Floyd Rose tremolo bar. This can be used to obtain a wide range of wild and distinctive sounds from the RG 270 DX. Despite its lightweight design which makes it a popular choice for onstage musicians, the RG 270 DX is built with durability in mind. One manifestation of this light but durable design philosophy is the Wizard neck. Although it is light and thin it is also reinforced by titanium rods which make it incredibly hard wearing. This durability is essential for any guitar which is on the road all the time.

As well as sounding excellent, the Ibanez RG 270 DX is a great looking instrument. It comes in a range of eye-catching designs which look great onstage and greatly add to the live presence of a band or solo artist. The specific design chosen by a guitarist should reflect the image they wish to portray as a solo artist, or if they are playing as part of an ensemble, the group’s image.

Some guitars are suited to a certain style of music while others are known for their versatility. The RG 270 DX definitely falls into the latter category. Many guitarists who have owned this model for years report it is excellent for almost any style of guitar-based music. One of the most popular uses for the Ibanez RG 270 DX is in the playing of hard rock and heavy metal. It has a great tone for these genres and the tremolo bar certainly invites creative exploration of the instrument’s capabilities.

The Ibanez Rg 270 Dx is a great choice of guitar for anyone who is seeking a blend of durability and performance, not to mention aesthetic style. It is a versatile instrument which makes it an excellent purchase for any guitarist playing multiple styles of music. Its durability, appearance and quality tone make it a great choice for the touring musician that spends a lot of time onstage.

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