Ibanez Jem 555

Ibanez Jem 555 Key Features And Virtues

The actual Ibanez JEM555 Dorrie Vai Signature guitar is among the world's iconic electric guitars. The JEM pushes a guitar to the limits of what it can and should do. In the hands of a musical warlock, the JEM may be the scepter which opens doorways, alters time and space and discloses the mysteries from banned notes. Take a firm grip and hang on for dear life. The JEM555-WH comes with an American basswood body, ultra trim and quick three-piece JEM walnut neck, a rosewood fingerboard with a luxurious sapling of existence vine inlay in the 3rd order to 12th worry, Steven Vai inlay in the last associated with 24 large frets.

The Advantage III tremolo link copes well using the utmost creativity. The Ibanez JEM 555 is packed with DiMarzio Development pickups organized HSH. Quantity, Tone, HSH (5-Way) Pick-up Switching are regulated to enable an abundance of shades across numerous styles. The JEM555 delivers all the quality you can expect from Ibanez at the right price.

The main attributes of the actual Ibanez JEM555 consist of:

·  Iconic Dorrie Vai Signature guitar, at an excellent price
·  Contoured entire body with 24-fret neck of the guitar provides comfortable access to
just about all registers
·  Vai's range of specific DiMarzio pick-ups, combined with Ibanez Split-5 cabling to
provide amazing tonal flexibility
·  3pc JEM walnut neck
·  American Basswood entire body
·  Rosewood Fingerboard along with mother associated with pearl Sapling of existence
   vine inlay third to twelfth fret,
   Steven Vai inlay from 24th worry
·  Scale: 648mm/25. 5 in.
·  Width from Nut: 43mm
·  24 large frets
·  Cosmo Dark, CK equipment
·  Pearled Pickguard
·  Edge 3 tremolo links
·  DiMarzio Development (H) Neck of the guitar Pickup
·  DiMarzio Development (S) Center Pickup
·  DiMarzio Development (H) Link Pickup
·  Volume, Sculpt, HSH (5-Way) Pick-up Switching regulates
When I first grew up and became familiar with the songs of Dorrie Vai, I did not have the money to get a Prestige degree Japanese version from the Jem. I was living in an extremely small town in those days, one ride away from a nearby pawn shop. I discovered a Korean Jem Junior. 555, although some buddies advised me to be careful of this particular one. I took the chance.
I cherished that acoustic guitar; in truth no other guitar influenced me to rehearse the way it did, but ultimately my buddies were correct. The aged lo-terms tremolo program got the very best of me personally and forced me to sell it.
After all, what was the point for any young man who discovered the music of Steve Vai but did not to have the ability to learn how to use the actual tremolo? For me it reached that stage. However, after being lucky enough to begin working with guitars daily I found that as you increase in price and move up to the actual Jem 7 this particular guitar becomes something else.
I should explain that recently Ibanez updated the actual tremolo systems in the lower RG electric guitars; these brand new versions have a proper setup and are steadier than my old lo-terms techniques.
One acoustic guitar that reminded me a lot of my aged Ibanez JEM555 after I got an opportunity to try it is the RG350DX. I think this is one of the best guitars for its price.
It was nice to know that Ibanez has brought back the actual Jem Junior. With a little analysis, it won't take you long to discover that my old Jem 555 is among the most disliked versions by the fans. For Ibanez to bring it back, they must realize that now they're on safer grounds.

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