Ibanez Hollow Body Electric

Reviewing The Sleek Ibanez Hollow Electric Guitars

The electric guitar is one of the most popular, widespread and commonly heard instruments in the entire world. Its sound is the driving force behind many genres of music and countless legendary artists performed the majority of their music on the electric guitar. One of the major guitar manufacturers is Ibanez. The Japanese company have cemented their reputation as one of the world’s finest crafters of quality guitars and their instruments are proudly played and endorsed by some of the greatest guitarists the world have ever known. Some of the best instruments made by Ibanez are their range of Ibanez Hollow Body Electric guitars.

The tone of a guitar is greatly affected by the way it is constructed. Guitars which feature a fully hollow body tend to produce noticeably different tones from guitars which have a semi-hollow body. One of the characteristic sounds of the hollow body guitar is the full and rich tones it is capable of producing. Many artists have found these sounds to be suited to expressive genres such as jazz and the blues. The deep and contemplative tone of the music is often matched by its lyrical subject matter.

One of the most famous series of hollow body electric guitars in the entire world is the Artcore series manufactured by Ibanez. Originally designed to pay homage to the traditionally crafted hollow bodied guitars favored by many of the world’s most respected musicians, the Artcore series has become known throughout the world for making quality hollow bodied guitars affordable to the masses.

The signature Ibanez Hollow Body Electric guitar is the Artcore Custom. A select few models of instrument bear the prestigious Artcore Custom name. They are famed for their beautifully constructed Maple bodies and subtly rich tones. One of the many details on the Artcore Custom series that Ibanez has carefully crafted is the rounded fret ends which are conducive to fluid, expressive guitar playing of the highest quality.

In terms of looks, and sheer onstage presence, one of undoubted leaders in the world of hollow body electric guitars is the Ibanez AGR range. The AGR range features a shallower body than other AG models which makes it better suited for onstage performances. The suitability of the AGR to being shown off onstage is only added to by its sleek finish which is available in either sleek black or shiny silver. The look of the Ibanez AGR gives it a dominant and attractive look to match its rich, hollow bodied tone.

The world of Ibanez Hollow Body Electric guitars is one where tradition meets innovation head on and music lovers across the world are the beneficiaries. Ibanez produce many different models of full hollow bodied electric guitars and there is one suited to almost any type of music. The rich and full bodied tone that is a hallmark of the hollow bodied construction lends itself particularly well to jazz and blues but creative guitarists have proved time and time again that a quality hollow body is well suited to any genre of music played with passion and soul.

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