Ibanez Gsa 60

Ibanez Quality At An Unbeatable Price

Ibanez are one of the world’s leading guitar manufacturers. Hailing from Japan, Ibanez have long been associated with producing some of the world’s finest guitars that have been endorsed by legendary guitarists. Far from being elitists in any way, part of what makes Ibanez special is their commitment to making quality guitars affordable to everyone. The epitome of this philosophy is the Ibanez Gio series. The Gio series makes basic, affordable versions of existing Ibanez models and sells them at a price which is accessible for people who can’t afford a pricier model. One such model is the Ibanez GSA 60, a Gio version of the Ibanez SA series.

The Ibanez SA series of guitars is one of the most versatile and classic designs ever seen in an electric guitar. The GSA 60 takes the fundamentals of an Ibanez SA and packages them at a Gio price. The body shape of the GSA60 is instantly recognizable to anyone that is familiar with its SA predecessor. It is a design classic which is pure rock and roll. The GSA60 looks great onstage and will make even the most novice player look the part.

Genres of music that suit the Ibanez GSA60 include all forms of rock, blues and jazz and the associated subgenres of these styles. Many young musicians will choose a GSA60 as their first major electric guitar due to the combination of its low price and its Ibanez reputation and build quality. These factors make the guitar an ideal first-buy for someone who is trying out electric guitar playing for the first time, doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but wants a decent quality instrument that looks and sounds excellent for the price tag. Many musicians with more pricey and fuller featured guitars choose to keep a backup Gio model such as the GSA60 in case something goes wrong with their primary guitar.

Although excellent for its price, the GSA60 may disappoint some experienced guitarists who are used to more expensive guitars. It is not the right choice for anyone who has played quality high priced guitars for years and expects nothing but the best in sound quality. Instead, the GSA60 is suitable for either new guitar players who are giving electric guitar playing a try for the first time or as a practice and backup model for musicians with more expensive options.

The Ibanez GSA 60 is widely available around the world. It can be found at any major guitar store which stocks Ibanez instruments. A brand new GSA 60 will be affordable for most musicians and used models can be found at absolutely bargain prices. Anyone expecting the highest quality sound that guitars are capable of producing should look elsewhere, but for beginners and musicians in need of a backup guitar,  the GSA60 is a decent sounding model which carries all of the prestige and reputation of Ibanez at a fraction of the price of some of the manufacturer’s other guitars.

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