Ibanez Grg 170 Dx

Ibanez GRG170DX - A Good Deal Or Not?

Right out of the blocks, anyone that knows anything about solid body electric guitars knows that you can spend a whole bunch more money on an axe than what you will have to cut loose to buy an Ibanez GRG170DX. That said, this doesn't answer the question as to whether or not the Ibanez GRG170DX is a good value for the dollar. Retailing in many places for around $250 (list price $357.13), one will not likely see this guitar in the hands of Eric Clapton while up on stage, but you will find it being played in a lot of basements or garages as part of the local neighborhood band. Positioned to be a solid upper entry level guitar; the Ibanez GRG170DX steps into the fray with good playability and a large sound for its price range.

Setup with a humbucker-single-humbucker pickup arrangement, it is capable of playing in a range from neck-center-bridge with 5 steps between neck to bridge. The neck pickup is setup with a PSND1 Powersound which will produce high output in the neck position with no "muddiness." The center pickup is a single coil PSND-S Powersound for high output with complete clarity. The bridge pickup completes the set with a PSND2 Powersound designed to produce high output with enhanced harmonics.

With the body constructed of basswood, a maple neck, and a bound fretboard with sharktooth inlays these are just some of the many enhanced features that make this guitar more than ordinary. Provided with non-locking tuners, the tuners on this unit might be considered mildly substandard and may make tuning the guitar, and keeping it in tune, a little more difficult than higher end offerings. The Ibanez GRG170DX comes in two colors, classic black and candy apple red, both with a resilient polyurethane finish.

The guitar's voice has been given a lot of favorable feedback by those musicians that are into heavy metal, classic rock, grunge and similar sounds. With the sliding bar adjustment for the pickups from neck to bridge a wide variety of sounds can be produced. Add to this the standard FAT10 tremolos and you are setup with a wide variety of sound options before you even consider amplifier and pedal options. Kudos have been provided for the performance of the single coil center pickup for creating a clean sound and the bridge humbucker also works well for creating distortion. Generally speaking, the Ibanez GRG170DX will get you off to a real good start towards making some serious music.

Being an entry level guitar, one will want to take a real close look at the workmanship of the particular guitar that you are considering purchasing. Production problems such as paint flaws, uneven tone control knob functionality, nicks, dents, or scratches, and the occasional possibility of having a dead fret are all drawbacks that come from purchasing a production guitar at a lower price. Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware! One should judiciously examine the entire pickup setup, tremolos, tuners, and action before making any purchase.


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