Ibanez George Benson Gb10

The Beauty Of The Ibanez George Benson Gb10

Ibanez is one of the world’s most well-known and widely respected guitar manufacturers. Their reputation is based on years of producing some of the greatest sounding and stylish looking guitars ever. One of the lines of guitars that Ibanez is famous for is its signature range. This is a series of guitars produced in collaboration with legendary guitar players and crafted to their exact specification. The resulting instruments are some of the finest ever created. One model of signature guitar is the Ibanez George Benson Gb10. It bears the distinction of being the longest running model in the Ibanez signature series.

George Benson and Ibanez are both revered masters in their respective crafts. Benson has earned his status as a jazz master and is consistently ranked amongst the greatest artists the genre has ever seen. His years of experience in music, including collaborations with fellow legends such as Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, can be seen in the detailed design of the GB10. It is an instrument truly worthy of the George Benson name and it’s a joy to play for any serious jazz guitarist.

The Ibanez George Benson Gb10 is designed masterfully, both in terms of its technical construction and its aesthetic finish. It features a number of high-tech guitar components designed to maximize the playability of the instrument. These include Ibanez’s floating pickups which considerably reduce the level of feedback that players experience. Feedback is further eliminated through the Gb10’s thicker topped, acoustic bodied design.

The high-quality materials used in the crafting of the Gb10 make it a durable guitar which will last a lifetime if cared for properly. The majority of the instrument is made from the highest quality maple wood and the fret-board is pure ebony, as is the bridge. Ibanez’s use of the finest quality woods make the Gb10 easy to play, great to look at and incredibly long lasting.

As far as the tonal sound of the instrument, the Gb10 is amongst the finest jazz guitars around. Its hollow bodied construction produces a rich, full, organic sound which doesn’t sacrifice the articulation of individual notes. It is widely considered to be an almost unique property of the Gb10 to retain such precisely articulated individual notes for a hollow bodied guitar. The sound produced by the Gb10 is suited to any style of jazz music but the guitar is by no means limited to this genre. Musicians playing any type of rich, expressive guitar based music are sure to find an ideal instrument in the Gb10.

The Ibanez George Benson Gb10 is one of the few guitars that serious musicians will spend their life dreaming about. There is not a single flaw that can be levelled at it. The Gb10 is second to none in both its craftsmanship and the rich, precise tones it produces. It also looks as good as it sounds. Any guitarist purchasing a Gb10 can rest safe in the knowledge that they have purchased one of the finest jazz instruments ever made.

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