Ibanez Gb 10

A Collaboration Of Excellence

Often, the finest things in life come about as the result of collaboration between two masters in separate fields. This is certainly the case with the Ibanez Gb 10. When respected Japanese instrument manufacturer Ibanez decided to release a signature guitar based on a music industry stalwart, they looked to George Benson, the triple-platinum selling jazz guitarist. Recognized as an official ‘Jazz Master’ by the National Endowment of the Arts, the highest honor for any Jazz artist, George Benson is a worthy inspiration for what has become Ibanez’s longest running signature guitar.

The GB10 guitar is worthy of its namesake. Like George Benson, the GB10 offers nothing but high quality which will last over the years. A testament to the quality of the guitar is the fact that many experienced guitar owners claim they wouldn’t change or customize a single part of the GB10. It is common practice with many well-known guitars on the market for owners to change a few of its parts but the GB10 is considered perfect the way it is made.
Ibanez have chosen nothing but the best materials for use with the GB10. High quality maple and ebony woods give this guitar both style and function that aren’t compromised on any level. The genuine gold hardware is another small detail which Ibanez have refused to compromise on and the GB10 feels like a complete and carefully considered instrument as a result of this approach.

Aside from technical features, the Ibanez George Benson GB10 has a quality tone which sounds great through almost any amplifier. The floating pickups which are the direct result of George Benson himself co-designing this signature model eliminate any feedback and allow the guitarist to play lushly toned jazz without any hesitation. The GB10 is typically played by jazz guitarists but its high quality components make it suitable for blues, rock and other guitar based genres.

The longevity of the GB10 is testament to its quality. It enjoys a reputation as being one of the guitars of choice for any serious musician. Many owners of the GB10 go on to play this model of guitar for the rest of their life as a lot of people feel it offers unbeatable sound quality and craftsmanship. The blend of technical craftsmanship and rich, versatile tone is the primary reason why the Ibanez George Benson GB10 has earned the distinction of being Ibanez’s longest running signature model. While many newer signature models have been discontinued, the GB10 remains popular to this day.

It is hard to convey the brilliance of this guitar through mere words. It is truly something that has to be heard to be appreciated. The GB10 is considered an aspirational guitar for many players, a model that they will own one day in their lifetime. And those who have already invested in the Ibanez GB 10 may never need to buy another guitar again. Just like the virtuoso whose name it carries, the GB10 is a legend within the world of jazz music.

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