Ibanez Artcore Af75 Review

Ibanez AF75 - A Review

Ibanez are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of guitars. The Japanese company has earned its reputation for unbeatable craftsmanship and an inimitable sound over the years and its guitars are proudly played by some of the world’s most respected and skilled musicians. The Artcore series is a range of guitars made by Ibanez designed to open up the availability of traditionally crafted, full hollow-body guitars to players who couldn’t afford the typically high price of this type of instrument.

The Ibanez AF75 is one of the models from this range that is currently in production.
The AF75 is known for being the most traditionally constructed of all Ibanez guitars. It features a truly full hollow-body, which sets it apart from many rival guitars which claim to be hollow-body but in fact feature sound blocks. This storied craftsmanship produces a guitar capable of true tonal beauty. Players who are unused to the purity of the Artcore series may take a while to adjust to the AF75’s subtlety, but they will be richly rewarded once they do. 

Some guitars have a beautiful aesthetic worthy of the sound they produce and the AF75 is no exception. Skillfully crafted from the finest Mahogany and Maple woods, the AF75 is a beautiful instrument as pleasing to look at as it is to listen to. The level of care that has gone into this guitar’s appearance is apparent from the high-gloss maple finish, available in a choice of ‘Brown Sunburst’ or ‘Transparent Red Sunburst’ finishes. Either option looks great. The ‘Brown Sunburst’ finish is probably the more natural looking of the two.

Since launching, the Ibanez Artcore series has becoming well known and respected within the world of guitars for several reasons. It is one of the most affordable hollow-body models of guitar available which is also built to a high standard of craftsmanship. Its relatively low price tag makes the AF75 a great choice for guitarists who want to experience the sound of a full hollow-body without breaking the bank.

The Ibanez AF75 has all of the build quality and durability that one would expect from an Ibanez guitar. The mahogany and maple woods used in the guitar’s construction give it plenty of durability. The quality materials used in the production of the AF75 have led to its reputation amongst guitarists for holding its tone longer than many other rival guitars. Indeed, it is common to find stories of guitar players who claim that their AF75 has never needed tuning. The high quality woods used in the AF75 mean that it isn’t the lightest guitar on the market, something that weaker and smaller statured guitarists may wish to keep in mind.

The Ibanez AF75 is the perfect choice for any guitarist seeking a traditionally crafted full hollow-body model that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to purchase. Its full, rich tones will impress any music lover and its quality and design are everything that musicians have come to expect from the legendary Ibanez brand.

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