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Some of the things that Ibanez are known for include their incredibly high build-quality with many of their instruments hand-crafted from the choicest materials known to man. For the discerning player who wants the rich tones that only a hollow-bodied guitar can offer, the Ibanez AF75d is an ideal choice. It is one of the purest, most traditional instruments that Ibanez produce and is likely to appeal to a lot of players.

It is hard to know where to start when listing all that is good about the Ibanez AF75d. For anyone unfamiliar with the Ibanez family of guitars, particularly the art series to which the AF75d belongs, it may be helpful to recap exactly what this range means to the world of guitars. Ibanez are often thought of for their dominance of the electric guitar market through their production of unbeatable quality instruments played by some of the biggest and best artists around. The art series, including the Ibanez AF75d, is the manufacturer’s range of softer, more expressive, jazz-orientated guitars.

There is a lot to praise about the Ibanez AF75d in particular. It is the most traditionally-constructed of the entire Ibanez family of guitars. This will be of particular appeal and relevance to guitar players who are interested in the history and craftsmanship behind the world’s finest guitars. As part of its heritage construction, the Ibanez AF75d is a full-hollow instrument. This means that the entire body of the guitar consists of a single hollow which features no sound blocks whatsoever.

The tone that the Ibanez AF75d’s hollow bodied construction lends it is striking to those hearing it for the first time. It is richly organic and natural sounding with a lot of warmth and expression in its tone. This sound has made many guitarists feel that the Ibanez AF75d is especially suited to expressive styles of music such as jazz and blues. While it is indeed suited to those genres, the Ibanez AF75d is by no means confined to them. It is the type of richly expressive guitar which will greatly enhance any form of rock or other guitar-based music where the emphasis of artistic purpose is on nuanced expression rather than sheer brash exuberance.

As well as the excellent sound it produces, the Ibanez AF75d is known for its quality craftsmanship and stunning aesthetic appearance. The guitar is available in classic finished including red and brown sunbursts of glossy intensity. The guitar body is made from nothing but maple of the highest quality which results in exceedingly high standards of both durability and performance.

Overall, the Ibanez AF75d is a perfect choice for anyone who wants one of the purest, most traditional and rich sounding guitars available. It offers nothing but the highest quality sounds which are sure to delight the ears of any discerning lover of music.

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