Hollow Body Electrics

Electric Guitars Come In Many Varieties

The electric guitar is one of the most popular and prevalent instruments of modern music. Its sound is instantly recognizable and is the driving force behind much of the 20th and 21st century’s popular music. A lot of music fans might be unaware that the electric guitar actually comes in a variety of different forms. The way that an electric guitar is constructed has an effect upon the way that it sounds. Most electric guitars are known as solid body guitars. This is exactly as it sounds, specifically, a guitar with a solid body. These differ in appearance, construction and sound to hollow body electrics, a type of electric guitar which features a hollow or semi-hollow body. Many of the most famous guitars made are hollow body electrics.

Hollow body electrics are guitars which draw upon the traditional craftsmanship of guitar making and update it for the modern, electric era. The main difference between guitars with a hollow body and those with a solid body is the tone that each type produces. A solid body guitar, which is the type most commonly found in the world of modern music, produces a crisp, clean tone like that most often found in rock and roll. A hollow body guitar produces a less punchy but richer and more organic tone. The different tones are suited to different styles of music and styles of play.

Many of the most famous guitar makers in the world produce a range of hollow body electric guitars. Gibson produces some of the best hollow body electrics ever made including the B.B King signature Lucille guitar. This is itself based off of the Gibson hollow body electric ES series of guitar. Both of these models feature the full tonality that hollow bodied guitars are famous for and which makes them a popular choice for jazz musicians around the world.

Ibanez also produce an excellent range of hollow body electric guitars. These are known as the Artcore series. In producing the Artcore series, Ibanez have succeeded in opening up the traditionally costly world of hollow body electrics to a wider range of guitar players. The Artcore series has become known for its excellent build quality and rich tonal sound.

When deciding on whether to buy a hollow or a solid bodied electric guitar there are a number of considerations. A guitarist should contemplate whether the music they wish to play is best served by a punchy, solid bodied tone or a richer, more organic sounding hollow bodied tone. It can be helpful to listen to some recordings made using both varieties of guitar design to better understand the sounds associated with each.

Hollow bodied electrics are amongst some of the greatest guitars ever made. They are a wonderful choice for jazz musicians who demand the most subtle, organic tones from their instrument. Anyone musician choosing a hollow bodied electric guitar will find a range of iconic models to choose from produced by the world’s leading manufacturers such as Gibson and Ibanez.

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