Gretsch G5125

Gretsch G5125 - A Lesser-Known Gem Of A Guitar

Gretsch are a major manufacturer of guitars and other instruments. They may lack the instant, household name brand-recognition of rival manufacturers such as Fender or Ibanez, but Gretsch are widely respected among serious guitar players for making high quality instruments with a great sound and stunning appearance. Many big names in the world of music have chosen a Gretsch guitar at some point in their careers. Bono of U2 has a signature guitar made by Gretsch and Jack White of the White Stripes and the Raconteurs uses their instruments. The Gretsch G5125 is a great guitar with a wonderful reputation.

The G5125 is a hollow body electromatic guitar. The fact it is hollow bodied sets it apart from many other electric guitars which often feature solid bodied construction. Hollow bodied guitars often tend to have a more nuanced and subtle sound to their tone than solid bodied equivalents and this is often seen as suiting expressive forms of music such as the jazz and the blues.

One genre of music which the G5125 has gained particular acceptance in is the style known as rock-a-billy. This is a genre of music that combines classic rock and roll sounds with a Southern twist. It is hard to put into words the sound which makes the G5125 suited to this genre, but rock-a-billy style G5125 players have used the phrase ‘twangy’.
The Gretsch G5125 has gained a particularly favorable reputation amongst guitarists for its suitability as a live performance instrument. It features a combination of a great, rich sound and a classic, rock and roll aesthetic that ideally suits the G5125 to the stage. It has been reported to sound great through a variety of amplifiers and distortion pedals.

The construction quality of the G5125 is second to none. The guitars are hand-made in Australia and feature only the finest materials. The top and neck of the guitar is crafted from the finest laminated maple woods and the fret-board is made from rosewood. As well as sounding great, the G5125 is durable and stylish for a hollow bodied guitar. It is a great choice for a guitarist who needs their instrument to look as good as it sounds while lasting a long time as well.
There are not many criticisms commonly leveled at the G5125 but some users have reported slight issues with the fret board having a rough finish. The rareness of this complaint may mean it is due to erroneous badly made guitars rather than being a reflection on the model as whole.

The Gretsch G5125 may not be the most famous guitar on the market but it has earned its reputation amongst music insiders for being a high quality, rich-sounding hollow bodied electromatic that looks as good as it sounds. It is a great choice for anyone seeking a stylish and richly-toned guitar and is particularly favored by players of the rock-a-billy related genres of music. The durability of the hand-crafted G5125 means it will last for years to come.

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