"Gretch" (Gretsch) - Arguably The Best In Electric And Acoustic Guitars

The actual Gretch (Gretsch) was my first attempt at serious guitar playing. It was a 70's model, and they are virtually exactly the same today as they were in those days. I truly loved almost everything about that guitar. The only real reason I parted with it was to acquire enough cash to purchase the new Gretch that I still have today.
In those days, I wished I didn't have to sell the guitar I had in order to generate some funds. Then, an individual’s guitars were rather uncommon, and tended to be worth a bit of money. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the person who purchased it. He meant to load it in the trunk of his car , but instead he ran over it!
Features: 9. 0 Superstars
The guitar is extremely full-featured, and you'll not be dissatisfied with what this hand style guitar can do. Don't be fooled into believing that this is just a hand style acoustic guitar. It's a great flat-pick guitar, too. However, I'll admit I favor this for hand style guitar playing.
My only negative comment about this guitar is that it really is a bit flashy for my taste. That is actually why I put mine on the market. A somewhat more traditional design would have been more consistent with my preferences.
Sound Manufacturing: 9. 5 Superstars
I've owned a number of Gretch guitars through the years and I'm hooked on that 'great Gretch Sound'. Like all the other Chet Atkins versions, this acoustic guitar has that appealing sound too. It has the same consumer electronics and basically creates the exact same sound.
Actively Playing Action: 9. 0
The setup of the guitars by Gretch is actually first class. One of the greatest characteristics of their guitars is that it's not necessary to touch the actual setup from the nut because of the installation of the zero worry. In my opinion, this is really a very wise decision. Speaking through experience, the enthusiast is the hardest aspect to adjust perfectly on the guitar. If you think you have to lower the actual strings just a little, the flexible bridge is really easy to adjust either upwards or downwards.

Durability from the Guitar: 9. 5 Superstars
My Gretch SuperChet is 30 years old and still looks brand new. All it needs is a little TLC. The Gretch will do the same thing for you. With just a little basic treatment and good sense, you will keep your acoustic guitar looking completely new. Quality management is exceptional with this particular guitar. I discovered no defects in the finish: no small cracking, de-lamination or any other imperfection. The actual detailing is actually impeccable. The one thing it won't endure is being run over by an automobile!
Guitar General Score: 9. 4
The Gretch guitar is among the best finger style guitars that you can buy in the market today. You can play it in the bustle of the highway; it has a lot of noteworthy functions, and the actual sound as well as the action are actually incredible. If you like the sound from the Chet Atkins design guitars, you can be sure you'll like the sound of this guitar.
However, there are a couple of things I am not overly satisfied with. It may be the gold sparkling finish from the pick-guard as well as the trim and the big pad at the back of the guitar. However, that's just my own choice.
It doesn't matter if you're an experienced professional or a student of professional  guitar. This acoustic guitar will help you step up to the plate. The Gretch belongs to a select number of finger style electric guitars and it gets the best marks from me.

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