Gibson Hollow Body Electric

Celebrity Status For Some Gibson Hollow Bodies

Gibson is an American manufacturer of instruments best known for the Les Paul electric guitar. Although the Les Paul is the model which will always be associated with Gibson in the popular imagination, the manufacturer also has a reputation for producing some of the finest hollow body electric guitars available to buy. Most electric guitars are built with a solid-body design and hollow body guitars produce a noticeably different sound. It is hard to describe a sound in words but the tone of a hollow bodied guitar is generally said to be richer, more subtle and containing fuller expression than a solid bodied counterpart.

The range of hollow body electric guitars made by Gibson includes some iconic instruments that have earned legendary status within the world of guitars. One such guitar is the B.B King Lucille signature model. B.B King is a worthy member of the Rock and Roll hall of fame and is ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as the third greatest guitarist of all time. He also made the Gibson ES series of instruments famous until given his own signature guitar, the Lucille. An endorsement by B.B King is a clear indication of the quality and sound produced by a Gibson Hollow Body Electric.

The B.B King Lucille has a number of distinct features for a hollow body electric. It is very similar to the Gibson ES-355 which B.B King favoured before receiving his own signature instrument. It differs from the ES-355 as it has no f-holes whatsoever on the top of the guitar due to the specific desire of B.B King himself to reduce any possible feedback.
Another prestigious hollow body electric made by Gibson is the Byrdland. It is currently only available as part of the Gibson Custom series. It was originally produced in the 1950s to meet the demands of artists who wanted a thinner bodied archtop hollow bodied electric guitar. Many archtops of the era were too heavy to play comfortably on stage and the relative thinness of the Byrdland addressed this need while providing the high quality tone that Gibson is famous for.

One of the most iconic and highly-rated series of guitars ever happens to have been produced by Gibson. The CS series is famed for its stunning craft and design, showcased by the fact that the guitar’s back and sides are entirely constructed from a singular piece of carved mahogany. The CS pays homage to the classic ES series of hollow bodied Gibson guitars but is a lot smaller and easier to hold. These makes it suited to extended playing sessions which may be difficult with the ES.

It is clear that Gibson Hollow Body Electric guitars are some of the most iconic and storied in the world of music. Whether known for being the instrument of choice for hall of famer musicians such as B.B King, or being design hallmarks in their own right, a Gibson hollow bodied electric is the perfect choice for any guitarist seeking an instrument with a top quality sound and the history to match it.

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