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Learn About The Epiphone Hollow Body Electric Range

Many guitar manufacturers have an affordably priced range of guitars which consists of basic versions of their premier instruments. This budget range of instruments is often branded similarly but differently to the main line of guitars. Gibson produces such a range under the Epiphone brand name. Epiphone was originally an entirely separate company but is today a Gibson subsidiary. Epiphone guitars are an affordable choice for musicians looking for a quality instrument. One such instrument is the Epiphone Hollow Body Electric guitar range.

Epiphone make their own budget version of a number of iconic Gibson guitars. These include solid bodied models such as the Les Paul as well as hollow bodied electrics. Gibson is known for their iconic hollow bodied guitars such as the B.B King Lucille and the ES series. Thanks to Epiphone, guitarists around the world can now own a version of these legendary instruments at an affordable price.

Before deciding to buy a hollow bodied electric guitar, such as those produced by Gibson, a guitarist should know exactly what it is they are paying for. The sound of a hollow bodied guitar differs greatly from that of a solid bodied instrument and the guitarist should know the difference between the two before picking one or the other. The solid bodied electric guitar is known for its punchy and crisp tone which is the feature of a lot of modern rock. The hollow bodied electric, on the other hand, is known for its more organic sounding tone which can lack the crispness of a solid bodied guitar tone. Neither tone is inherently superior to the other; rather they are each suited to particular styles of music.

Once a guitarist has settled upon the decision to buy an Epiphone Hollow Bodied Electric guitar, they will need to decide upon a model. One of the best is the Epiphone B.B King Lucille. It is an affordable version of the Gibson guitar of the same name. Featuring a semi-hollow body, a maple body and a rosewood fret board inlay, the Epiphone Lucille is a durable and great looking guitar which produces a stunningly rich tone worthy of the B.B King moniker. The guitar is free of f-holes, at the request of B.B King himself, to reduce any possible feedback issues.

Another excellent choice of Epiphone Hollow Body Electric guitar is the Epiphone ES. This is based off of the Gibson ES which was the inspiration for the B.B King Lucille and also set the standard by which all other hollow bodied electrics are judged. Epiphone produce a faithful recreation of the ES 175 which features classic humbucker pickups and chrome hardware for an authentic looking hollow bodied arch top guitar.

An Epiphone Hollow Body Electric guitar is the perfect choice for any musician seeking to strike a balance between a richly toned instrument and affordability. Epiphone is a great choice for the image-conscious guitarist as many Epiphone models are accurate recreations of iconic guitar designs such as the Gibson ES and Gibson B.B King Lucille. Purchasing Epiphone instruments ensures a great looking guitar which sounds wonderful.  

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