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Energy Nutrition Necessary For Today's Toxic Environment

Contrary to what we were taught in high school, the human body is actually mostly water and runs on electrical energy that we generate from food we eat.  But as the body ages, the physical and mental energies that we once had disappear be cause they are met with toxicity tha seeps through our skin, slides through our nose and gets eaten up with our food.

Fortunately we can reconstruct much of that good electrical power we once enjoyed when we were very young.  Not only can we improve our memory and support a better functioning body, but also prevent some devastating future diseases.

Why is that?  Because our nerves are like power lines running all over our body and communication between them is sent by way of electrical messengers.  If the whole body is a giant sack of electrolytes whose primary purpose is to bathe the cells in a fluid that is "electrically" active - then all the reactions that occur in the cell and human body are electrical in nature.

These facts must be considered when designing vitamins, minerals or herbal products - as high energy foods increase our own subtle electrical fields.  Research indicates that nutrition with a frequency of over 72 MHz can increase our body's electrical energy.  Conversely, foods below 72 MHz drain the body's power reserves.  Incidentally, processed foods and dead nutritional supplements barely reach 30 MHz.

Making wise supplement choices has become more of a challenge these days.  Gone are the days you could run down to the drug or health food store and pick up your favorite vitamin, mineral or herb pill.  Today's toxic environment is much more burdensome and your electrical body must deal with these poisons electrically if it's going to benefit from your money and health investment.

If searching for Pristine tooth oils, Le Visage facial oils, and Splash of Silk fragrant body oils from the Body Electric company from years ago, you'll be pleased to know that the Electrical Body, Inc. folks have formulated electrically vibrant products at:  There'll you'll find many of your old favorites plus some newcomers that will aid you in your quest for better health and a more energetic lifestyle.


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