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How Fame Made The "Body Electric" Song Have Staying Power

We have no idea, whether Fame will, like its iconic, Irene Cara - sung title song insists, "live forever.” However, director Joe Parker's lively, driven 1980 story of New York's  High School of the Performing Arts has been remarkably important, spawning the TV series, stage musical, and helping cast the mold - for better or worse - for the decades of pop song soundtracks that followed in its wake. However, the innocent, urgent charms from the original definitely can't be denied in the release that represents the album's very first digital edition. It's a good edition supplemented with three previous unreleased bonus tracks (the wistful ballad "Miles Through Here," and instrumental versions from the title album and Best 20 Cara hit, "Out Here By Myself," that highlight composer Erina Gore's pop-disco inspirations).

Utilizing their newest release, it is sung in Body Electric! The real Lonely Forest has demonstrated their knack for writing unforgettable and acknowledged pop music. Having been recently called “poised to be one of Seattle's future opening acts” by Seattle Weekly, the group has created what is surely going to be one of the top NW releases this year. They've presently shared the stage with Velvet Blue, Mates of State, Appleseed, and Starflyer 59, leading Jack Encino to point out, “these guys arrived out of nowhere fast and blew my mind!”

I watched these guys live. Although they were the second of three bands, they blew the headliners out of the water. This is a good recording, but, personally speaking, they're far better live. Come to think of it though, that's how it should be.

One thing I really enjoy about this album is each song stands alone. That's not to say that the recording isn't cohesive, or that it's a shoddy collection of singles. It's simply refreshing to listen to a recording that reaches you from a lot of different angles. I Sing the Body Electric certainly leans towards pop. However, the drums and the overall production help to keep it from becoming completely pop, and songs such as Mt. Constitution and Tomato Soup offer distinctive sounds and production. These are quite unexpected and are a welcome change after a few of the more direct ones.

I think the recording could use more intense drums - something nearer to their live sound (at least live sounds from Showbox On the Market) - along with a slightly more aggressive acoustic guitar sound. But I find that is usually the case with sounds I hear live first before buying the album. The thing is these men are so great live. I made a point of buying the recording, rather than waiting to get it free of charge. Bands such as this should have our support.

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