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Margaret Richard, with a woman's usual style, grace, and humor has made this video which is essential for women and men who desire to stay trim and youthful. This movie deals with many areas of the body: pectorals, triceps, biceps, stomach, outer upper thighs, inner upper thighs, quadriceps, and it has a monster deltoid section with an outstanding hamstring and gluteal work-out to prevent sagging. The stunning music ALONG WITH the lyrics adds an excellent touch. The movie is one hour long, and has a 30-minute as well as 45-minute options. The viewer can do different parts every day in order to achieve a well rounded routine for the week. If you do not have a 'go to' feature in your VCR this video makes it easy to spot the start of every exercise and includes a box where she lets you have a woman's wonderful tips and hints to keep the body in perfect shape and condition. Mine needs replacing! Help!
Margaret Richard's Just My Greatest 1 & 2 and Margaret's brand new All My Best videos are characteristic of her preferred routines in the Body Electrical DVD! You'll enjoy all the exercises, arrangements and dancers. The entire Body Electric is always unusually effective! I enjoy it and am satisfied with it. All My Best features tried and tested exercises! Doing the entire workout or separating it into two will not be a problem -  it will restore your power. Inspiration and regularity are a fitting incentive for working towards powerful muscles and bones. “Over time, our physique can achieve substantial changes - stronger muscle tissue, denser bone fragments, better stability and quicker metabolism.” - Margaret Richard
This is a superb 5-part workout. I've owned this particular VHS since 1992, and I keep returning to it in order to stay in shape. I know there are plenty of brand new exercise videos, but this one is truly fun. It also addresses all the areas women wish to target. I particularly like the section for the arm.
While I might not have viewed this specific video, I've seen the actual show of Body Electric DVD. If the video is anything as good as the show, you'll have an outstanding workout. The show, performed by former dancer Maggie Richards, is a good mixture of weight instruction, isometrics and dance exercise. Margaret is thorough and friendly, and is a walking billboard for her exercise programs. Combine this with a good hike and you'll get results!
I did Margaret Richard's Entire Body Electric for many years and even decades ago. I loved it. It might sound corny - however, that's the way it is. Why is it great for me? Each workout lasts for about 30 minutes. There are a total of 4 Body Electric DVDs (2 for each volume). The majority of the segments aren't from the actual show, which saddens me a bit, but there are some from the actual show (the show had much better music). Each workout is challenging and just right for beginners or even for advanced college students. She is encouraging without being bossy.

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