Body Electric

Your Body Electric - Energy Nutrition Or Guitar Reference?

Body Electric

When you hear the phrase "body electric" what do you think of?  Music, nutrition, exercise, guitars?  Well, you're correct in all aspects as the phrase has been referenced to multiple genres.

To the musical enthusiast, body electric may refer to the structural bodies of guitars and basses.  Electric, as opposed to acoustic, that is.  Whether interested in Gretsch, Taylor, Gibson, Ibanez or a multitude of other makes, you have your selection of solid or hollow body electric musical instruments for every taste and/or phase of your musical career or amateur interests.

In the field of nutrition, Robert Becker and Gary Selden wrote "The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life" which in Amazon's words, "tells the fascinating story of our bioelectric selves. Robert O. Becker, a pioneer in the filed of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in living things, challenges the established mechanistic understanding of the body. He found clues to the healing process in the long-discarded theory that electricity is vital to life. But as exciting as Becker's discoveries are, pointing to the day when human limbs, spinal cords, and organs may be regenerated after they have been damaged, equally fascinating is the story of Becker's struggle to do such original work. The Body Electric explores new pathways in our understanding of evolution, acupuncture, psychic phenomena, and healing. "

Numerous theories and studies have been made concerning the physical body being more of an electrical body than a chemical one.  It's all physics as explained years ago by Nikola Tesla.  We're all scintillating molecules vibrating at different speeds.  The trick to superior health, then, must take these electrical aspects in mind when deciding what to ingest in the way of foods and supplements.

Now, when it comes to exercise, we have Margaret Richards Body Electric workouts:  Margaret Richard's All My Best 1 & 2.  Her workouts focus on becoming firmer and limber though growing older.  Growing older doesn't mean we shrivel up and blow away.  We still have muscles - Margaret will help you use them wisely.




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